Saturday, 26 March 2011

Ciao Italia

Our brief sojourn here in Bergamo ends tomorrow morning. We flew in no dramas, visited the service course to pick up equipment, and for the last three days have been putzing on the push bikes all around the foothills of the alps.

Unfortunately our Europe helmets are away at another race (Coppi e Bartali), so we've been slumming it with the caps on and covering our brakes on the descents. I did, however, suffer one bizarre and inexplicable incident in which I rode straight into (then over) a red and white striped boom gate, but the gate took the brunt of it, and we took off before being presented with a bill.

Otherwise everything's quite low key. Have a spot of Cappuccino and bread in the morning, get our ride on, have a feast of a lunch then try to stay awake until dinner. Post-dinner entertainment has been track worlds live from Holland, last night was the women's pursuit, sprint finals, and the men's elimination.

We're trying our best to keep relaxed and not shoot off too many mental bullets just stressing about the races coming up. I've tried to suspend thinking about racing altogether since it brings up the heart rate about 10 beats straight away. Instead there's lots of important stuff to do like google translate the menu and practice my CBF face (to use when passing oncoming riders, very important here).

In a few weeks this time will seem pretty insignificant as we head into three weeks in Belgium and Holland. So it's "ciao" and "ciao" and in 24hrs we'll be skittering across cobbles and eating frites.

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