Thursday, 17 February 2011

Inner peace

Though I will never, NEVER get over having lost my memory cards, I'm beginning the healing process with 1/4 of my planned video project from the drive out. This is the first day from Seattle to Salt Lake City, minus about 300mi of the drive (the second blizzard) because somehow those didn't make it onto my computer. I gave myself 30min to put this together and now hopefully I can heal emotionally.

Let me again stress that I should have more to show than this for having driven three days straight with one hand on the dashboard taking pictures. But that's fine. FINE. I am healed.

Because of this:


  1. wow. Rub it in, already. Hope Asheville is treating you well!

  2. Nice video! Check this out for putting your Flickr images to music:

    Sure is fun to play with.