Tuesday, 28 December 2010


I was supposed to be racing the Burnaby 4 AS WE SPEAK, but weather cancellations left my madison partner stranded on the East coast. And as any young hellion knows it's near impossible to sit at home when there's a gassed up track sitting outside containing all your worldly possessions. So I'm off to Asheville a few days early, without a route in mind because of all the snow storms, but I do have an ipod and a sleeping bag and insulated mug so I should be set for days. With that in mind it's time to consider the best roadtrip-moving songs of all time. In no particular order here's my take pre-trip. I will check back in from Asheville with a report of what really hit the spot. Needless to say I will listen to these songs AND ONLY THESE SONGS until I reach my destination.

Good for moving but maybe not for winter (or this millennium):

Good for watching while you're driving but not in the winter:

Best album for moving anywhere anytime: This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About

One of the best songs ever but not totally relevant to moving, other than being rad:

Great for moving and driving but not a lot else:

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