Friday, 3 December 2010

I need a navigator

Does anyone know the best way to drive across the country? Let's just say hypothetically we're talking about starting in Seattle and ending up in Asheville, NC. And you want to do this drive in the middle of winter. These are the two options I'm considering:

It seems like wherever you go in early January there's a good chance you'll hit bad roads/weather. I'm leaning towards just getting there as fast as possible since I'll probably be wrecked no matter what.

And if you or someone you know is along one of those routes and is interested in hosting a cyclist in transit, well I happen to know a guy...


  1. Scotty (from the former uBRDO bike shop in Kirkland) is in Salt Lake.

    Christine Chang is in Sante Fe.

  2. I go with the first route so you can stop in Dallas to see sundnt and mandy.

    And maybe you can say hello to Mark in Salt Lake? Shoot the shit about turkish get-ups.

  3. Heg,

    always welcome to crash at our pad. We got tons of room here in the Fort.