Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A few big things

My world experienced some big changes recently! They were a long time coming, and are still sort of yet to happen, but we crossed the tipping point:

OUT: Power
IN: Heart Rate

After several years of power based training I'm going full circle and returning to the HRM. I say full circle because this isn't just a retro throwback, it's actually the latest and greatest. Basically, the theory goes that power is a mechanical measurement that does a good job of quantifying your mechanical output, but does a horrible job of telling you about its biomechanical impact. The new program is actually based around lactate levels, but since there aren't reliable or convenient lactate monitors, HR is the closest you can get. Right now it's lots of Z2, which sort of feels like setting yourself on self-destruct mode.

OUT: Fruit, Veggies, Protein
IN: Carbs

The last two seasons I created for myself what I thought to be a really great diet. Sort of anti-inflammatory, sort of paleo-inspired, sort of gluten free. It seemed to work well for a few months at a time but then towards the end of last year it was definitely not working. Well after a few blood tests it looks like I was running a chronic glycogen deficiency, which doesn't lend itself well to bike racing. It seems like lots of other people have experienced the same up/down with that style of high-nutrient density, low-caloric density diet: immediate performance gains and weight loss, followed by stagnation, poor performance, and stomach woes. Well I'm happily back on pasta and bread and cereal yogurt and holy hell do I LOVE it.

OUT: Seattle
IN: Asheville

I'm pulling the trigger. New Year's day (right after the Burnaby 4) I'm driving across the country to my new home through (at least) fall of 2011. After lots of debating, Asheville, NC kept coming up tops for weather, roads, community, cost of living, proximity to races, and most of all, radness. It's a great time of year to move since I get a New Year's Eve going away party, and will hopefully roll into Asheville in time for my birthday. AND I just met my two awesome new roommates + dogmate on Skype, hopefully they're ready!

OUT: Dancin
IN: Illin

The winter weather and life changes have shifted my soundtrack. Here are some selections:


  1. More about heart rate as a training tool please.

  2. When were you on a power-based training program?

  3. I too would love to learn more about HR over Power. I'm just getting into training, and can't afford Power and thought HR would be the next best thing... but now I'm maybe accidentally on the right track.