Sunday, 31 October 2010

Hegyvary ends hibernation: the Hedge Fund looks to bolster assets in 2011

UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis rider Adrian Hegyvary recently woke up from a six week nap and will begin training this coming Monday. Early reports indicate the tall rouleur from Seattle was somewhat grumpy-pants from waking up before November, but was still able to see some positive in the situation: "I awake from the nap still in October, but we speak together with the physio, biomechanic, the management, we decide ah, it's still okay, November 1 begins Monday, and each week begins also Monday, and numbers begin 1, and even God himself began Monday, so yes perhaps I make preparations and begin also."

Hegyvary remained tight lipped about his goals for 2011. "I dream during hibernation to win the Giro, to wear the Maglia Rosa is so great a monument. And this tricot together with the rainbow bands of world champion show the support of cycling to the GLBTQ community, we know the Tifosi appreciate this also because always they shout "queer!" during our preparations. So the pink tricot I believe to be more special than the Maillot Jaune, its yellow we know to show affections to those sufferers of jaundice during the great wars."

When informed that his team would not be riding any grand tours in the coming year, Hegyvary was nonplussed. "Yes perhaps this is true, the programme is a management issue. And also it is true that to ride a grand tour is very tiring, and to win the Giro some say is too difficult and I arrive to the Charlotte crit possibly without force in the legs. So we decide and feel the sensations and determine the best programme."

The fall was not without controversy for "Hedge," however, as a failed emissions test nearly left the rider stranded and forced him to walk several hundred meters. "It is true, I received some days ago a notice from DMV to inform of a positive of Carbon Dioxide in the emissions, but I tell them this is not possible, I never have heard of Carbon Dioxide until just this day, and anyway I do not know where it could come from. Possibly it comes from my dog which sat beside me during the testing, and also produced emissions. And anyway, an auto cannot run on mineral water alone."

Hegyvary went on to criticize the DMV for its testing protocols. "We travel and race too frequently, then come home and they test these emissions, and it's too much! We are humans too, we must rest and instead are treated as dogs." The 26 year old did not respond when informed that all licensed vehicles are required to be tested, not just those belonging to cyclists, and only once every few years.

As winter nears, Hegyvary remains philosophical about the lessons from 2010 and what the upcoming season holds. "Surely I would have had several victories but for the preparations. In the spring together with the biomechanic we decide to ride 177.5 cranks on the left and 180 on the right for criteriums, but also with the square chainrings it is too much change and in time trials the bike turns always to the left, which my trainer says is not so fast as to go straight all the time." And though the central-European rider is known in particular for his gumption and moxy, 2010 was not without illness. "Later after we switch to hexagonal chainrings I think, okay, maybe my force will now return, and surely some weeks later I see a gain of 40 watts even while coasting. But to celebrate I remained out of the sensory deprivation recovery chamber one afternoon to write an email to a friend, the first time I make human contact since autumn. I awake next morning with boogers in both eyes and nose, and yes the team physio confirms it is a computer virus and I must take three weeks off the bike. Normally it would be so long but together with the physio we perform ice baths in a CoQ10 solution in complete darkness, and after two weeks I could again make small training rides, only 200-300km at first, but another week later back up to 600km daily."

But with the lessons from 2010 fresh in his mind, it is with tremendous optimism that Hegyvary will commence training. "Already I have started with small walks, only some meters at first, but yah, now several kilometers at one time and on some hills also. It's possible with this progression that even after one month I can begin to again use my arms, and at this point return to the bike."

We hope the progress continues and that the Hedge Fund continues opening accounts and closing deals in 2011!

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