Sunday, 5 September 2010

Oh, ahhh, hi... this is awkward...

Heyyyy, blog, I didn't expect to see you here. I mean, I should have, it's just... it's been so long. It's not you, it's me, I was just... But it's not like I was writing to someone else. Well, except for that twitter thing, but I thought we both decided that doesn't count. And I guess I wrote some letters but it was in pencil so that's okay, right? Besides, while we're pointing fingers, what's up with all these Chinese people commenting on you?

Putting this behind us, here are some thousand-word highlights from the last few months:



Elk Grove!

In short, the racing was okay but we lost some of the mojo that dominated the earlier part of the year. I personally had some bad races featuring crashes with hurt body parts, then not crashing but still having hurt body parts in the form of very very bad guts. It took me nearly a week to recover from that last episode at Utah, but recently things started to come around again, hopefully just in time for my last races of the year at Pro TT/RR in Greenville.

And now a moment of introspection. Things are getting really exciting for next year and I'm psyched to be returning to the team for another season. There should be lots of details coming out in the coming month about what we'll be doing, and I'm just as eager as anyone to hear them! But taking a step back, this year turned into more of a "learning experience" than I had hoped (i.e. I thought I knew more than it turns out I did). At times I was pretty disappointed with how I was riding and I never felt like I had my legs under me like last year. Recently I've spent a good deal of time looking back on the year, and now that I have enough points on the graph I can start drawing lines to figure out where I went wrong and what to change. For better or worse, it sounds like next year will be even more "shock and awe" for me so I hope the lessons from this year will transfer.

My theory of the universe is that there are times when you get screwed and it's not your fault, and times you luck out beyond what you "deserve;" but if you keep at it long enough they balance each other out, so success lies in not changing your MO whenever you're at one of those troughs or peaks. Right now I feel pretty lucky to be included in a D2 program for 2011, though I remind myself that, like most cyclists, I have a bank full of "getting screwed" experiences to make up for it. So, come ten days from now when the season is over, I'm going to take a nice, long, mental health break and not think about any of it. And hopefully not thinking about it will be the perfect way to figure out how to make next year a crusher of a season.


  1. Next year is going to be big, do you get to go on the euro campaign?

  2. I totally agree with your philosophy. I look forward to reading about your next season. Also, your nephew is so cute!