Friday, 24 September 2010

Exciting things

End of the season! Not much else to it, time for some h-core down time. Some of the exciting things about next season year have started to come out, other stuff will take longer. But there's lots exciting going on around here.

I went on a hiatus from new music over the summer but I can't get over these guys. At first I thought it was a joke, and it sort of is and isn't, but ultimately I think this is one of those bits that rides the edge between satire and archetype... or something. Like the Daily Show even, it almost hides behind the satire to bring something pretty revolutionary into the stream. Die Antwoord has somehow managed to bypass the entire recording industry, adopted their own DIY style and put their music on youtube, played Coachella just a few months later, and already have people remixing their album weeks before its release. It's definitely love or hate artistically, but you can't argue with their approach.

Anyway, bike racing. US Pro was a good way to end the year. I didn't feel like I had my legs enough to hit it out of the park, but still felt like I was finishing strong both days. The TT was tough, all rolling hills and mostly headwind climbing and tailwind descending, which added to the on/off nature of the course. It's tough to modulate efforts on courses like that, and I wasn't able to really go deep and empty the tank. I finished sixth, less than 2 seconds off my goal of top-5.

The road race was okay; we coasted the first hour, during which time a group of three gained 18 minutes on the main field. Then we went hard up Paris mtn, coasted, went hard, coasted... not the most fun way to ride for five hours. I felt better than during the time trial and was doing support all day, bottles twice a lap then helping with positioning on the climb. The last time I came off during the attacks and finished in the second group. But I was happy to finish, I went in not wanting to DNF my last race of the year and have a good feel for the course now. Nationals moves to Memorial Day weekend next year, and with a day between the TT and RR it will be better for everyone. Both courses are okay for me if I'm going well, so they'll for sure be goals for next season.

But for now I'm enjoying not thinking about goals and training and racing, and plan to get a proper rest in. Next season will be two months longer and have many many more racing miles, and nothing gets you ready for training quite like Halloween costumes, new music, sitting in class... all on the horizon shortly.

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