Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Have you ever liked a song enough that you considered going out and buying it? I know, crazy! Well dubstep has made a come back on my rotation this week and Dan sent me some tracks from Mt. Eden Dubstep which have been great to keep the fire burning between races. It's really more just "dubstep influenced" than off the boat gritty dubstep, but whatever. Anyway, you have to listen to it LOUD and with high quality speakers/headphones or you won't hear the low range.

Most mellow:

Most emo:

Most catchy:

Most agro:

Most jammin:

But other than that not much to report. We have another day to get ready for Joe Martin here in Fayetteville. We have a great hotel with full kitchens so life just got WAY better. Arkansas is otherwise about the same as where we just came from, though the last time I was here was following Gila and it seemed super humid; coming from the SE it actually feels cool and dry, so that should be better for us. Word on the street is this team (in previous incarnations) has won this race every year since its current inception. No pressure.


  1. AnonymousMay 05, 2010

    很喜歡你的blog哦...加油唷 ........................................

  2. keep posting......
    I love this blog. You helped me get through a hard winter of training. Thanks for making me realize that I am not a "unique snowflake"
    I have the quote "make your-self harder to kill" posted above my trainer.

    you are one of the first mortal riders i have come across that is HONEST. Your results from last season are incredible. So many wins.