Friday, 14 May 2010

Phase two

Everything is progressing nicely. I'm halving the pain meds every day and still feeling about the same. I figure if I want to start riding I need some realistic feedback about how the shoulder is feeling, and pain serves that purpose nicely, even if it is a bit of a drag the rest of the time. Sitting so up right feels good on the shoulder but not so good in other places, so I switched to rollers for a more natural pedal stroke. Turns out riding rollers with a busted collarbone isn't hard at all, but setting up a camera and getting on the bike within 10 seconds is a stretch. This is the closest I could get:

Still a few more days of trying to limit sweating, then I'll probably yank the dressings and start some real rides. The discerning reader might notice the ice pack in the photo, that's so I can try to keep the shoulder cool and sweat-free while riding. It's what you might call a system. My first race is three weeks from Sunday, so the timing is still just fine. But these little spins should go along way towards keeping up the mental health and muscle memory, and hopefully streamline the comeback.

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  1. Jesus... if you hurt yourself trying to blog about your recovery you will be PISSED.