Wednesday, 26 May 2010

It's a boy!

There was a great big surprise today in the form of my nephew, Zoltán, deciding he was ready to be born a full three weeks ahead of schedule! My sister went into labor last night and 14 hours later the little man made his entrance. She did it all without pain meds because she's a tough Hungarian broad, though I did make some calls during the day to check in on dad who I thought might need more help.

Little Zoli is a bit over 7lbs, I don't remember the stats but he's healthy and on the bigger side for being three weeks early. His nose is a little smooshed and his feet were purple, but apparently those will fix themselves, and if not then at least he has halloween covered for the rest of his life. Mom also looked great though both looked they could use a nap and a good meal... guess who's first in line for the latter, though.

Though it was a big surprise having Zoli arrive so soon, I'm psyched to be here since I'll be off racing the month of June and would have missed it all had he been more patient. And today was a great first taste of unclehood: swoop in for the fun and pictures in between all the dirty work. Little Zoli and I will get along just fine. I'm also excited my sister and her hubby chose Zoltán, which is a Hungarian name I had in my back pocket for a kid of my own... but considering I'm lacking not just a baby but also a baby-mama, I applaud the decision! Just a few more years of diapers and rattles until uncle Adrian can start shaping the little guy into the most badass Hungarian toddler on the continent. Can't wait!

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  1. Congrats and lovely pic, Adrian! You'll make an awesome, fun-loving, inspirational uncle~ Cant wait for the kids to play.