Saturday, 1 May 2010

It works!

Two more notches in the team belt in as many days. Yesterday in Spartanburg came down to a field sprint after constant reshuffling, and a final lap lead out put Jake in first, Pinner third, and Karl fourth. Today in Charlotte was similar, lots of short lived attacks then a last lap surge put Karl back on the top spot. Here's a picture of our train coming over the top of Bahati with one to go:

(Photo Jimmy Helms)

I've been feeling a bit better the last two days. Nights are rough, lots of congestion, bad sore throat, and a fever for a few nights. Racing feels like I'm breathing through a straw but the legs are good and each day they work a little better, though it still hurts the same. Today was the first race of the week I was happy with, I felt strong enough to attack a lot and cover moves, and even recover from a late attack and jump in the lead out.

It was also nice to catch up with big Dan Harm, fresh off the boat from Trinidad and looking fit. He should be good after a little rest and a regular roof over his head. Apparently this morning he woke up in the middle of a medieval festival after sacking out in a park after last night's race.

Tomorrow is the big Speedweek finale in Sandy Springs, just outside Atlanta. It's a good course, technical with a bit of a hill. We have a good formula going, we're all coming around well, and it should be a really fun race. And for a nice recap of the week check out the race videos below, in chronologic order.

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