Sunday, 2 May 2010

+1 = 4/7

Jake and Karl went 1-2 in the Sandy Springs final today. Jake also won the U25 competition, he and Karl went 2-3 in the series overall, and we won the team competition.

It was hot today, around 90 and humid, and unfortunately I didn't have the legs from yesterday. I covered moves but was just slaying myself to do anything. Pinner and I got in a move of six in the closing laps, I attacked on three to go to set it up for him and take pressure off the lead out, won two primes, then was happily gobbled up by our own lead out in the final lap. Pinner took Karl and Jake into the final turn and it was over.

We had a long day of driving through three states today and are back in Asheville for two nights before heading to Arkansas. Our bikes left straight from the race so it'll be an off day for us. I think we're all okay with that, since three of us are sick and one is injured. I'm excited for Joe Martin though, the legs are coming around and we should have just enough rest to arrive ready to go.

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  1. AnonymousMay 04, 2010

    Good luck at Joe Martin, Adrian.

    Hope to see you at some of those races soon.

    60% Healed Wheeler