Thursday, 1 April 2010

What WE already know (sort of)

This is a good article from the NY Times about patients with advanced Parkinson's who, though unable to walk, are still able to ride bikes. Having a movement disorder has to be awful, but it sounds like maybe not all movements are affected in all people. If you watch the video, you'll note that the very cheeky doctors put this guy with advanced Parkinson's on his bike without a helmet. Interesting decision. I guess it's a euro thing.

SO as though we needed more evidence, it turns out we should all be active and do lots of fun things, until we can't anymore, and even then we should keep trying. Good to know. This is one small step towards the NY Times redeeming themselves after putting out two horrible articles last year--the first saying that exercise will make you fat because it increases appetite, and the other saying that 30min of "house work" three times a week is sufficient to maintain cardiac health.

It seems like there will have to be a backlash against the idea that inactivity is the norm--or the ideal. It's like the technological revolution spiraled out of control and now we're supposed to go through the day using as little energy as possible... as though that will make us happier. I mean, 30min of housework, seriously? How do you NOT do that? All this while it seems like most diseases can either be prevented, or their symptoms mitigated, by keeping in decent shape and using your body.

So while it's definitely counter intuitive and pretty amazing that Parkinson's patients can ride bikes, how smart are all these scientists who keep discovering the same thing: if you use your body, it stays healthy, and there are no short cuts. Maybe if they spent more time running around playing it would have been obvious to them too.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have thirty minutes of vigorous vacuuming to do... got a race coming up.

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