Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Exciting times are on the horizon as I get ready to fly out to Anniston, AL tomorrow morning. Did you know they have 5am flights leaving from Sea-Tac? Ouugh. I'll spend the better part of today making food for tomorrow, since I'll be greeted with a few hours drive when I land in Atlanta eight hours later. In years past my MO was to take all my food for the first 24hrs of the trip if I flew the day before the race, just so I wouldn't have to stress about finding something reasonably healthy and cheap. Now my rule is just to outlast my teammates so I'm not THAT GUY holding up the train for a convenience store bear claw. Kind of like the guy who stopped to put on his running shoes as a bear was charging; his friend said it was a waste of time since he'd never outrun a bear, to which the guy replied "I don't have to outrun the bear, I just need to outrun you."

I look forward to seeing a new state though, I don't recall ever having been in Alabama. And Anniston looks to be a PRIME example of the state judging by a short look around on the google. I think this gem tops my list of must see sights Anniston has on offer:

The world's largest chair:

Spring also seems to have slowly drifted into the NW this week, and I've been nostalgic for springs past all week. Coachella is this weekend, so spring 08 is the particular focus of that nostalgia. Somehow it took a lot of convincing for me to give up a weekend of racing to go hang out in the dessert with my best friends and watch live music all day, though when I say it like that I'm not sure why it was so difficult. I've wanted to go back since, but don't know when I'll get the chance; so a quick trip down memory lane will have to be the fix for now.

Cross Training:

All this reminiscing about spring 08 has bled into spring 10 soundtrack, so here's the top pick for a warm dreamy April. Something about cheesy synths just bleeds nostalgia.

AND finally, 2010 promises an even more epic southern road trip than last year. One of the great features of Speedweek is that you get to see a new town/state every few days. That's one of the big bonuses of racing, and this series epitomizes it. You can follow all the action starting with a live stream from Sunny King this Saturday night. Also be sure to check out the race preview on cyclingnews. And join me in getting excited about speedweek with a few pictures from last year.

Beaufort, SC homestay:

Athens Twilight podium:

Beaufort, SC tourism:

Spring 10 = [Spring 09-school] x more fun


  1. Good luck Adrian!

    And keep posting as you travel; for better or worse some mere mortals in Seattle live vicariously through all you racers.

    Oh, I was in Mobile, AL a couple of times... but not to ride. Jesus it was stifling but the architecture and the atmosphere was so different/cool compared to the NW. I consider myself lucky to have been there.

  2. YeeeHaw, Adrian!

    Here's to makin' more memories, and rememberin' what we're making.

    Hootin' and a'hollarin- Best of times this Speedweek!