Saturday, 10 April 2010

Dana Point TT

We finished up the Dana Point prologue/TT with the top four spots in the field (Brad won, then Pinner, Morgan, and Eric). Good start to the weekend. The course was really tough--not so much the climb, though that was the obvious "feature," it was just difficult to read and figure out how to ride. Pre-riding didn't do it justice. The corners seemed like no big deal and the climb felt long; racing, the course was narrowed quite a bit and felt a lot more technical at speed, and the climb went by pretty fast.

I didn't set the world on fire finishing in 7th; I felt super flat and just didn't have the snap to really charge the course. I didn't think I could go a lot harder right now, but probably could have gone back out for another lap of that pace. The course really required some hard hard surges to keep the speed up, I think I rode too conservatively and never really bit into it. And all of us scared ourselves on the fast downhill turn: 3 lanes to 1.5, 90+ degrees at probably around 40mph. I locked up briefly and thought I was going to eat it, drifted a bit then snuck through. Tim did something similar but unfortunately also hit one of those reflective lane marker bumps and that was enough to lose it. He's mostly okay, but hurt his ankle. Would have been nice if they opened the course for pre-ride since it was so technical.

Hopefully the warm beach air and the hard effort blew out last week's sinus infection. Tomorrow's crit is on a lot of the same roads as the TT and looks like it should be a decent course either for a break or a bunch finish. We have a lot of cards to play, and 90min in which to play them, so it will be fun to see how things go.

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