Friday, 23 April 2010

Athens preview

We survived our week of sloth and tomorrow will head down to Athens for the Speedweek kick off. It's funny being in a different state the night before the race, looking at results from the trainer races. For those unfamiliar, the promoters at Athens run all willing participants through a Computrainer race to seed start positions. Each team gets a few freebie call ups, but otherwise non-participants have to line up at the back of the group. Last year I was third in the qualifiers and had an awesome front row start... this year I suppose I'll find out what the race is like starting from the other end of the field. How about a quick game of where's Waldo:

Another change this year is that they are going to cover all the roads with water. Last year there were puddles of beer, but I just found what the promoters have in store for us tomorrow (9:30pm start, for reference):

We're all excited to get racing, though the last week has been stellar here in Asheville. The riding is, without exaggeration, the best I've ever seen. There are just so many roads, all of them with great pavement, little traffic, great variety of terrain, and moderate weather. There's even a gently rolling river road just a few minutes from downtown where we got in 1hr+ motorpacing sessions. I've been on the lookout for a place to move for winter training, and after this week Asheville jumped way up the list. This what all the roads look like:

I'm not sure if Athens will follow the recent trend of streaming race video, but if there's anything to be seen I bet Chad Andrews will let you know. If there's not, he should be giving updates online while simultaneously calling the race live (somehow). Last year the race finished around 11pm, so plan accordingly. Wish us luck!

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