Thursday, 25 March 2010

You know you've made it when...

...the race blog turns to home improvement projects. But I have a good excuse, namely: moving, rainy weather, and getting sick. The perfect storm for some remodeling. And the best part is the home's not really mine to remodel, and the home improvements are all a surprise! Pretty exciting times right now. I also chose some not too subtle colors because I'm tired of dreary, frumpy home insides. I mean, no wonder everyone here has SAD, everything is beige. I think I can actually synthesize Vitamin D from this color scheme:

I also have a new best friend, who's actually the same as my old best friend. We'll be spending lots of quality time together the next few months, and she's been a HUGE help with all the painting. Here she is just taking a quick breather:

And here she is after helping out:

So it should be pretty clear that in just a week of idle time I've totally lost it and need to get back to training. It IS good to be back on west coast time though; I'm happy to report I can now sleep later than 6am and stay up past 10pm. I have just two more weeks to enjoy the simple life then it's off to Dana Point. Then I'm home for a few days, then off again to the southeast for a month. And just like that the season will be ON, and I can stop worrying about things like eggshell finish and cutting in, and get back to the important business of crushing it.


  1. Nice color choices. Wanna help me paint TB's house while she's gone? (;

  2. I hope you backrolled the first coat to get rid of those roller marks! Got any tips on how to get live feed of the Belgian races this weekend?

  3. I should introduce you to my friend, Christopher. He's all about home improvements (among other things) and can show you how to really "Work that Room." Take it easy on him though, ok?

  4. but focusing on eggshell finish is All-Important: