Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Racing is happening again

This confirms that I've made it through the off season without going totally out of my mind. Actually, writing a blog might not be the best way to prove that, but let's ignore that for now...

First race last weekend. Let's just say that I won't continue last year's streak of winning one+ race per month all season long. I know what I did wrong so I'm not worried, but this is the first time since 2005 I haven't won the first TT of the year. In some ways a "bad" start to a big year, but so far it's been "better" for me by jolting my attention back to what needs to get done. March mantra: no bullshit.

More importantly, this coming weekend is my first team race down in beautiful Merced. Winter continues to blow the mind here in Seattle and it looks like for the first time ever I will leave sunny spring races in Washington to race in the rain in California. But apparently weather makes this race epic since the course is totally exposed, and 120mi of cross winds sounds pretty fun, especially on a team with nine of the strongest guys in the race.

After camp I was planning some big follow up story but somehow my mind was just a blank. I think that and my anemic first race are pretty indicative of my state of mind: calm before the storm. This weekend will be the first chance to experience life on the new team and new roles in new races; but then I come home to two weeks of finals, a move, and almost a month until my season really gets into swing.

March is going to be a big transition month--I enter it still more a student than pro cyclist, and still in training mode. That's why there's no room for bullshit--I need to pack away my life from the last six months, get the work done on and off the bike, and come April I'll be ready to revive that streak from 2009.

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