Sunday, 28 March 2010

Oh, hello April, I didn't see you there

Wow, March is over! At least we're all out of weekends. March 2010... you were a little funny, but not funny LOL, more like funny WTF. Play back?

Glad I'm not starting spring quarter tomorrow morning. Last year was really tough, missing lots of class to travel, including Mt. Hood the week before finals. Uugh. Or racing Walla Walla with my first ever migraine because I had a big project due the following monday. I felt a bit like Jeff Spicoli: "Are you in my class?"... "I am today!" March got in one really good hit on me this year--couldn't do much for the two weeks of finals, then got sick. But April, May, and June, you've got nothing on me this year.

The local racing is also done until maybe summer? Except for the odd Thursday nighter. It's been difficult to get used to. I feel like I have to chose between wanting to place in the race or get in a good workout. It's tough to get anyone to work with me, so I can attack and attack, or chase for no reason, but otherwise the only way to do much is to just wait until we hit about the three hour mark and the fatigue sets in enough to force a move or bridge into whatever break went. I'm happy to have won Independence Valley though, it's one of the best one-day races in the state, and they have pretty good prize money. It was also great to get a chance to race with Morgan. The finish was kind of anti-climactic; the break whittled down to just Todd Herriott and myself after the last climb, and I totally cramped up with about 3km to go. Todd took off, but then I was able to start pedaling through it and bring him back. Then he started to cramp and couldn't stand for the sprint, so there wasn't much to see. I guess all the racing happened before then. And I could see the cramps coming all day--I actually cramped up stepping out of the car BEFORE the race. Ahhhh not sure what's going on there. As Wheeler said, I must be on the rag.

But Galen, Iddings, Herriott... it was nice to be up the road with guys who will commit to the move and work to make it stick, even if it results in cracking. Gentlemen. If more people raced to win, rather than just to make someone else lose, things would really pick up around these parts. And McKissick. McKissick! I guess we can just trade off being marked out of the race. He had his turn today with a 90mi solo win. Savage.

So welcome, April! You're going to kick March's ass. Now that I think about, I'm actually going to go ahead and end March in my world, April starts tomorrow, kind of like how I lived on Central time for the last 6mo. Done. I'm taking a little tip from Bitty Mclean on this one. Before you can do me more wrong, March, we're through! And April, Dana Point, Speedweek, I have expectations, don't let me down, because there are another eight months waiting in line for a good crushing, and I'm in no mood to eff around.

Merced, March: lesson learned.


  1. I am glad to hear that you hipster-radar was still on par. Unfortunately you called Busto out on it 5 minutes before me. Regardless i shamed him throughout the race, pizza post race and while we were shooting pool. Good on you for the win.

  2. But wait! There's just one more important date in March - the 31st.... and we'll party like it's 1999.