Saturday, 6 March 2010

Merced Crit

Just finished racing... we got on the front at 12 to go (~10mi out) and led out Barlevav. It turns out it's a lot easier to be part of the leadout then 30 guys down the back wondering who's up there swinging D. There was a break up the road at about 25sec, we brought it down to about 5sec on the last lap, but Matty Rice attacked out of it and won. We executed well but needed one more lap to bring it all back. We did catch the bulk of the break on the last turn, but first was already gone. Eric got caught behind the remnants of the break in the sprint and went straight into the back of them, ended up fourth. Bahati Foundation went 1-2-3, so that stings. Team meeting then rubs in a few minutes, but the reader's digest version is we were a little off on the timing and needed a touch more speed. But everyone stayed up, the bikes and new race wheels/tires were great, and today poked the bear enough that we'll all go into tomorrow looking to swing the big stick.

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