Wednesday, 3 February 2010

It's going to happen!

Are you joking me, how hot is this RV? Man, this team is NOT messing around. I'm sure glad I destroyed myself training this winter, I would not want to be THAT guy in this kind of company. The best part is the caption to the RV photo; I don't even understand what it means but it sounds like we'll be having dance parties before and after races: "Rockford Fosgate has given us info about the rockin' exterior A/V system they're installing on our team RV: pro quality monitors, six subwoofers, LCD display and an Apple TV unit."

I leave for CAMP on Friday. Very very excited. I had a moment of shock reading through the riding on tap, so just to settle my nerves I finished my last training block with a replica training camp week just so I could go into it knowing I can ride that schedule. It went really really well, I did my first week well over 30hrs including three days of LT work, and actually felt stronger every day. I'd say the foundation is set, I feel like I could ride 4000kJ every day and be fine.

All the fresh digs came in as well. The kits look a lot different than in pictures, I think I've decided to call the color "cranberry" but there's also a lot of sky blue. The new bike is the nicest I've ever had. It's actually difficult to figure out how the frame feels because I've never ridden carbon wheels for training before... I think a tricycle would feel like a rocket with these things. I'll put up some equipment pictures from camp. In the meantime, here's a pic of DS Gord Fraser coming out of retirement and rocking the new kit. The team bikes have a different paint scheme, but you get the idea.

I'll get into some more specifics about all the goodies in time. Partly as a sponsor plug, but also because this stuff is genuinely really nice. 95% of it is what I would have bought myself if I had 1). the option, and 2). the money to do so. Next update will be post massage, post sunshine! It's been TOO long.

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  1. For some reason the words "Rockford Fosgate" bring back all the cheesy car audio adds I used to hear on the radio back when I was in school.. Once I snap out of my melancholy revelry I'm thinking something else, namely that this is damn cool. I'm trying to imagine this rig at the finish of a race pumping the jams and getting the crowd hyped; fantastic!