Monday, 15 February 2010

1). Camp is over, 2). First podium!, 3). Win races

Camp's done and I'm waiting for my flight home. The last few days included lots of non-training stuff like sponsor meetings, photo shoots, and over-eating. Cruelly, the weather got really nice in Phoenix even though we weren't riding enough to really enjoy it. Here's a recap of the last half of camp.

Go Carting:
Nothing promotes team-building quite like competing with one another. To level the playing field we traded in our Kuotas for some 8hp go carts and went for it. It was actually surprising to see how much personality comes through when driving; basically, we all seemed to drive like we race. We whittled ourselves down from 23 to a final heat of 9, and I got my first podium of the season! Eric Barlevav took top honors because he's small, and Rory Southerland was second because he had the fast cart. That's my story.

Race Simulations
The last few days in Tucson were filled with a few short race simulations to prepare for the upcoming CA races. We did quite a few leadouts, then topped everything off with a race up Mt. Lemmon. Most everything went smoothly and it was great to have the chance to screw up in training and talk about it before trying the same with another hundred guys behind us. Looking through my race calendar for the year, it looks like I'll have the chance to try quite a few new roles in the races, and having previewed them at camp I'm psyched to have at it when the fitness is higher and there's actually something to race for.

Chalk Talk
Camp finished with three days in Scottsdale going over the nitty gritty of the season. It was great to get a chance to meet with all our sponsors and get to hear about their products and how they support the team. Everyone involved with the team is EXTREMELY excited and it's clear we've assembled an incredible program. Racing starts in two weeks, so it won't be long until we're able to prove it!


  1. Awesome seeing you this weekend Adrian! You've got a great group teammates, Alynda and I had a blast riding with you guys. later, dude. -Jimmy