Tuesday, 12 January 2010

It would kill you if you could be killed

Three weeks until training camp, which means it's time to defibrillate the blog. I'll try to put in a few more updates before racing starts, and once the season gets cranking I'll go back to regular posts. I'm also a big fan of quotes/mantras, so expect some doozies. Right now my mantra is the title of this post, which happened to be the only thing I wrote down during my first week back at school. This one came from my environmental law professor describing the commitment necessary for small-time attorneys to take on corporate interests. I thought it transfered well across the board though, and has a nice link to my #1 training philosophy: make yourself harder to kill.

Without further ado, here's a massive look back at this Fall.

Needless to say I spent lots of time on the bike. In five years of training for cycling I've never done a "base" period (because of track or broken bones), so this year I decided to give it a whirl. After two weeks off the bike following my last race, I kicked it back into action. For the three months that followed I missed one day of biking, and on that day I went for a run. Probably my most impressive streak to date. My routine was something like this:

M: morning run, afternoon easy spin
T: morning and afternoon intervals
W: morning and afternoon intervals
Th: morning rollers, afternoon long ride
F: morning run, afternoon easy spin
S: long steady
S: long with intervals

All my intervals were mid-high Z3, and all overgeared (40-60rpm). Hours were generally around 25 per week, the biggest week was just under 30hrs and 28,000kJ. My mantra during that time was "you can always, always do more." 95% of the time it turned out to be true. How knew?

Still going. I can finally make my own schedule, so I got all morning classes and am out by 12:30 every day. It's still really tight trying to get in all the volume since it's dark at 4:30; most days begin and end with riding in the dark. I'm now into the second week of the new quarter, and will go until the third week of March when I pull the plug and go into race/train mode full-time. Spring quarter will not be missed.

Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are tight. I have to wake up an hour before my early morning indoor class to make food for the day, since I have exactly 15min when I get home to eat, shower, change, and head back out the door to class. Nonetheless, having 20-30 other people waiting for you to motivate them to ride hard at 6am never fails to kick me into action. This remains one of my best secret training grounds.

The "pro" card:
It's funny that over the course of a few weeks I can go from being a bum who rides his bike too much to being some sort of authority on the sport. I don't know if I'll ever get used to that. I mean, sure I think that what I do works, and I'm happy to share those experiences with others. But they're the same things I was doing when I was getting dropped as a cat 3, and no one seemed to care back then...

I have some other aces up my sleeve right now. First is working with Dr. Steven Noble, trying to keep healthy and sturdy all season long. He's just getting a practice going in Bellingham and is helping out a few of us in the area . More on this as the season gets underway, but I'm pretty psyched to have a personal sports scientist looking after me.

Skate skiing also turns out to be second best thing in the world behind bike racing. Who knew? Since I don't know my race schedule and wanted something to think about during the last minutes of those intervals, I decided to do a 50k skate ski race in March. To get ready for it I've been doing things like 1). learning how to skate ski. I'll let you know what follows #1 after I cross it off the list.

I have a few more training secrets, but, well, they're just that for now...

On the horizon:
More and more on my mind is the upcoming 10-day training camp in Tucson. I'm not sure what all we'll be doing, but I know there will be sun, hot new bikes, hot new kits, and a team RV. The first paycheck is also just a few days away; that's something I've been working towards for a very long time, and is definitely worth more than the numbers written on it.

SUN is also very near! I can feel it. Especially when listening to this song. Watch/listen and just TRY not to feel the warm sun on your face. Impossible.


  1. The whistle intro of that song reminds me of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs... hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go! Great to hear your training is going well.... we're over due for some dinner! Got any time in that busy schedule to eat some tasty treats at mi casa?

  2. Is it just me or does Edward Sharpe = Harm?

  3. You rock, Adrian!! Best of luck this season~