Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Band camp!

Just got some news for the upcoming training camp. To be clear, it turns out this is NOT the photo-shoot type training camp. No. 2010 marks the year that UHC-Maxxis puts the "training" back in "training camp" with about 30hrs of riding in the first six days, plus a field test or two. Thankfully there will be a few of the new team Jettas (rendered above) following to help pick up the pieces. Here's a rough outline:

Day 0: fly in, 2hr bike-adjustment ride
Day 1: 5.5hrs w/ 12mi climb
Day 2: 6hrs w/ 12mi climb
Day 3: 5hrs w/ 24mi climb
Day 4: 3hrs easy
Day 5: 4hrs w/ field testing + filming
Day 6: 6hrs w/ echelons + 12mi climb
Day 7: 2hrs easy, photoshoot ride
Day 8: 2hrs easy, more photos, team presentation
Day 9: 2hrs easy, more photos
Day 10: fly home

It's going to be great getting that much time on the bike, especially in warm/sunny weather. I'm also especially excited to NOT be on an Italian team, where you have to do things like this at camp. $5 worth of Muscle Milk bars to the best caption for each. Ready.... go! (photos courtesy of cyclingnews.com)

Bizarre factor: 4

Bizarre factor: 7

Bizarre factor: 8-9

Bizarre factor: 11

Finally, if you want to join us at camp yourself, but don't fancy all the training, this could be your ticket.


  1. Bizarre factor: 4
    "Oh no, 'who needs a GPS' they said, 'no need to court that sponsor' they said, 'power is all that matters they said', well nice f'ing kettle of fish we're in now."

    "No really, just over this next hill..."

    "What exactly did Bjarne Riis say to our DS again? Survival camp my ass."

    Bizarre factor: 7
    "The Lion King just can't let go."

    "The Cipollini bike is an egoistical bike because its been created for a rider like me, who demands the best and pays huge attention to, well, myself."

    Bizarre factor: 8-9
    Riccardo Ricco takes his re-integration into the pro peloton to the next level."

    Bizarre factor: 11
    "They can't do that to our pledges, only we can do that to our pledges."

  2. Bizarre Factor: 11

    Pro Cycling Team Kits Reach New Design Lows

  3. Bizarre Factor 11: Ex 32:4. Aaron took what they handed him and made it into an idol in the shape of a calf... And the LORD struck the people with a plague because of what they did with the calf Aaron made.