Sunday, 13 September 2009

Univest wrap-up

Final stage of Univest today, a 50mi crit in downtown Doylestown. It was a pretty cool course, about 2km with all kinds of turns and a long uphill drag to the finish. All of us started despite injuries, of both the physical and emotional variety.

I had a good start and rode the first quarter of the race floating in the top-30. I had NOTHING in the tank though and pretty soon floated to the back to tail gun and save that little bit of energy required to hover in the front. It was a nice course for hanging out and you could coast more than half of it by taking the turns hot. Since the race was just shy of two hours I tried to relax and conserve as much as possible. I'm also glad I carried a lot of food with me. I could feel going in that I hadn't recovered too well from yesterday, and ended up eating over 800 calories and drank two big bottles. That's a lot for a crit.

Towards the end I felt my legs starting to come around and made a late charge to the front. I was just a little far back going into the final two turns, maybe 15th wheel or so, but I waited for the front-runners to peter out in the long, uphill sprint and made up some ground to finish in the top-10. I think my count at the line put me in 7th.

Sam, Lang, and Phil all swung the axe a few times, but ultimately just a little too hard and lost their grip towards the end. Daifuku had an epiphany tail gunning with Bobby Lea and was psyched out of his mind all race. Clayville took the full two hours to come around and had a pack finish, but then lit it up on our ride home.

That's the season for most of us. Lang and I fly to Dallas tomorrow to race Texas Tough. Everyone else will be shipping bikes back to Blue, enjoying the countless pies available here at our homestay, and getting ready for a little off-season hibernation.

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