Friday, 4 September 2009

GMSR Prologue

All finished up with the prologue, I finished 3rd behind Dan Vaillancourt (Colavita, 8 sec up) and Jonathan Chodroff (Ouch, 2 sec up). I'm okay with that, both guys are solid and didn't put too much time into me, but I felt like I was pushing shit uphill with a stick during the race. Yesterday was a tough travel day, 15hrs in transit without a ride. Then today we accidentally slept in and only got about 30min warm-up. The other HB guys weren't very psyched on their rides, Sam had a very off day and finished 39th, but this stage is really minor in the GC so it should all come out in the wash.

Maybe someday I'll get on the podium with some guys who have enough energy to change clothes before hand. Seriously guys?

Vermont is a lot like the last time we were here, maybe because it's the same weekend and we're staying with the same people in the same house. But from here on out it's a new race to me; tomorrow's stage is a recycled course from a few years ago, and last year I crashed out of Sunday's queen stage. But we can't go wrong with a team car like this... except that I almost drove over a line of shopping carts today.

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