Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Training, scheming, waiting

August has been both super productive and horribly monotonous. We originally planed to do the Tour of Utah and kept the whole month open, but that fell through and we were left with no travel racing. So training has been the name of the game. I put in a huge final push these last few weeks, doing 20-25hr weeks including racing and lots of VO2-type work. I've never done this much volume of this kind of intensity, and though I've been pretty wiped I can feel myself coming back around and feeling consistently strong.

I also went off sugar the first week of August to try to stabilize my appetite and lose a few pounds before GMSR and Univest. So far so good; though my hankering for dessert hasn't gone away as I'd hoped, I have shed 6lbs since Nationals about 4 weeks ago. I'm pretty psyched out of my gourd for Univest, this is a race I've been wanting to do for a long time and my prep should be about as good as I could have hoped for this year.

To keep myself from going crazy I've also planned an end of season hurrah that WILL ACTUALLY make me go crazy. I have two weeks from when I get home from Univest to ride this loop and make it to the first day of class:

It's about 2300mi and goes through Mt. Ranier NP, Hell's Canyon, the Sawtooths, Yellowstone, Glacier NP, and the N. Cascades (among other very notable places). Clearly it's a pretty monumental undertaking as I'll need to average close to 170mi/day to make it, but I figure I'll be alone and can ride probably 14hrs/day and travel super light... plus I'll have ample opportunity to cut the loop off if I fall behind schedule or get side tracked. And OMG am I going to eat a lot of sugar.

Still not much development on the team front. I'm waiting until after USPRO this weekend to start following up with directors. By then most teams should be winding down their seasons and ready to start thinking about the year ahead. With any luck I'll have some idea of what team I'll be on, which teams I have to chose from, or at least which teams I MOST want to beat/put into the curb next year to think about on my voyage.

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