Thursday, 6 August 2009

Super secret news flash!

This just in, I got my first official contract offer for next year! And a slow trickle of unquantifiable interest from some other teams. Because of the immense gravity and global importance of these deals I of course can't give more specifics, but the take home message is that with an offer on the table I'm at least in the game and can sort of count on something for next year. Here's the run-down on some of the teams I'm gunning for:

Team A: optimistic but no firm budget; check back in a few weeks
Team B: optimistic but too early; don't call us we'll call you
Team C: neutral response but seemingly impressed? Question mark?
Team D: insult sandwich (two layers of compliment with an insult in the middle); check back next year
Team E: you're IN but only if the team actually exists next year
Team F: you're IN but we don't know yet how much we can offer

Because I love democracy and freedom, please perform your civic duty by voting in my poll over here -------->

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  1. Hottest riders = hottest kits = hottest soigneurs = hottest reputation. And when bikes & salary weigh in, their own supply and demand are valued, though they can't win w/o a team-man. I conclude by saying, shave your legs and hope your hott, boy then, the choice is cake (though dont eat the cake due to excess lbs). You're welcome... ;-)