Thursday, 25 June 2009

Third time's a charm

GOOD SENSATIONS marks my third and final attempt at bicycle blogging. My last two attempts resulted in considerable adventure but, at times, considerable tribulation. So GET THIS UNIVERSE, this is my last try and you are hereby put on notice.

We pick up midway through what has been a very good season. For those not yet up to speed, here's the synopsis of my life for the last five years:

2005: I'm done with school! I want to race bikes!
2006: I'm moving to Europe! I'm killing it! Shit I just got screwed!
2007: Bike racing is really effing hard! Except track, Madisons rock!
2008: No, turns out bike racing is really effing hard! I'm off to school.
2009: NOT! Actually bike racing is the best thing EVER and I LOVE it!

Which brings us to the present. I just finished my first year at the University of Washington law school and am full-time bike racing this summer. Big results this season include two stage wins at the Cherry Blossom stage race, 3rd at Athens Twilight Crit, 4th in the D1 Collegiate omnium, 5th at a stage of Mt. Hood, and first overall at the Elkhorn stage race. That's on top of more than a dozen local wins throughout the northwest.

Hopefully I'll continue adding to this list throughout the second half of the season, and it will all be enough to land a spot on a UCI team (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE). Before this year, I think I could have pulled off riding for a UCI team; this is the first season I feel like I truly deserve a spot and need one in order to keep progressing.

Whatever happens, I'll use this here blog to keep you up to speed on all the gooey details. I can't guarantee anything except that you WILL pee your pants with excitement. Wish me luck!

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